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Do Grooms Get Makeup Done for Weddings?

Makeup for Grooms

In recent years, the concept of wedding day beauty has evolved significantly. It’s not just brides who are focusing on looking their best; grooms are equally keen on perfecting their look for the big day. This shift towards makeup for grooms has opened up new possibilities in grooming and style for men as they walk down the aisle.

The Rising Trend of Groom Makeup

Traditionally, wedding preparations for the groom focused mainly on the suit, the haircut, and perhaps a shave from a professional barber. However, today's grooms are taking it a step further. With the increased visibility of men’s fashion and grooming in social media and magazines, more grooms are considering options like makeup and detailed hair styling to enhance their appearance on their wedding day.

Makeup for grooms typically isn't about bold colors or heavy applications. Instead, it's about subtle enhancements that bring out the best in their features, ensuring they look polished and photo-ready.

Why Grooms Should Consider Makeup

1. Enhancing Natural Features

Makeup for grooms isn't about altering how they look but enhancing their natural features. A bit of concealer can cover blemishes or under-eye circles, resulting in a fresher, more rested appearance. The goal is to look like the best version of oneself, ensuring that the wedding photos—a lasting memory—are as flattering as possible.

2. Consistency in Wedding Photos

Both partners looking their absolute best creates a symmetry in wedding photos that is visually appealing. When both the bride and groom use professional styling services, it ensures a cohesive look that enhances the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

3. Boosting Confidence

Confidence is key on your wedding day. Knowing that you look your best can relieve some of the day's inherent stress. For many grooms, a professional styling and light makeup can provide that extra boost of confidence, ensuring they feel good both in person and in front of the camera.

Services Offered for Grooms: Spotlight on Danielle Rotella's Techniques

At Rotella Beauty, grooms can expect a tailored approach to wedding day styling. Danielle Rotella, a seasoned professional in the beauty industry, offers specialized services that cater specifically to grooms. Here’s a look at what Danielle offers:

1. Hair Styling

A crucial part of any grooming session, hair styling is more than just using a bit of product. Danielle ensures that each groom’s hair is not only styled but also complements the overall wedding attire and theme. Whether it’s achieving the perfect slick back or a more relaxed, tousled style, hair is sculpted to perfection.

2. Light Concealer and Grooming

Recognizing that cameras can amplify imperfections like uneven skin tones or minor blemishes, Danielle uses light concealer to even out the skin tone and enhance the groom’s facial features subtly. This service is invaluable, as it helps to maintain a natural but polished look throughout the day's events.

How to Prepare for Groom Makeup

1. Consultation

A consultation before the wedding day is essential. This meeting is not only about understanding the services but also about discussing the groom's regular skin care routine and any concerns he might have. This step ensures that the makeup and styling on the day are perfectly suited to his skin type and preferences.

2. Skin Care

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, maintaining a good skincare routine can make a significant difference. Hydrated and well-cared-for skin provides a better canvas for any makeup application. Danielle often advises grooms on simple skincare routines that can enhance their skin’s appearance.

3. Trial Runs

Consider scheduling a trial run of your grooming and makeup with Danielle. This not only helps in deciding the look you are most comfortable with but also provides an opportunity to see how it holds up over several hours.


Makeup for grooms is all about enhancing what’s already there and ensuring the groom feels confident and looks great. With professionals like Danielle Rotella offering specialized services, grooms have access to expert care that leaves them looking impeccable on their special day. For those interested in learning more about grooming services for grooms, consider exploring what Danielle Rotella has to offer. This shift towards inclusive grooming practices is not just about following trends but about celebrating one’s wedding day with confidence and style.

This approach to wedding day beauty ensures that grooms are no longer bystanders in their own styling narratives but are actively participating in creating a day that’s as memorable and photogenic as possible.

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