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Airbrush makeup: What's the hype?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I want you to erase everything you think you know about bridal makeup and come with me on a journey to smash the myths holding us all down. I know you've searched bridal makeup inspo, bridal makeup tips, natural vs. neutral makeup, and how to make your makeup last all day. I'm positive atleast one of these searches brought up airbrush makeup. We have all been conditioned to believe that airbrush makeup is the best. It's more expensive so it should be... right? Or maybe you inquired with an artist and they told you they would "upgrade" your package to include "complimentary" airbrush makeup.

I'm going to ruffle a lot of feathers now but I'm here to tell you that's wrong.

I get this question allllll the time. What's SO good about airbrush?

Here are my beliefs on airbrush makeup and why you should let your professional artist make this decision for you. To me, an airbrush gun and compressor is another tool in my kit, just like a sponge or a brush. Airbrush provides a super sheer and buildable layer of makeup.

Airbrush makeup is great for:

  • light coverage on hydrated skin

  • keeping your gorgeous freckles visible

  • extremely hot days

  • blending out tan lines

  • open breakouts or sunburns that are hard to accept makeup coverage.

You may not have found this out yet but, Colorado is DRY.

Airbrush makeup in Colorado can be patchy on dry skin and if you're pushing your artist for it because its *better* then you could be making a huge mistake!

My pricing for bridal makeup includes whatever it takes to achieve the look that you want.

Airbush? Check. Lashes? Check. Contouring? Check. I'm not here to nickel and dime you, I'm here to make you look and feel your best. Trust the pros and let's get you looking like a goddess on the big day!

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